TEMNOZOR', the spirit of the Sunrise, was born back in 1996 a.y.p.s. to revoke the Flame of the Heathenism in the Hearts of the Young. Blending the radical Weltanschauung with the majestic sounds of the Folkish atmospheres channelled through the Subconsciousness, the mighty Metal storms and the powerful clean singing, TEMNOZOR' has rightfully earned the legendary status on the scene during these years.

The debut demo\album "Sorcery is Strenghtening the Black Glory of Rus'" was recorded Spring 1998 and released by Stellar Winter Records in pro-tape format circa one year later (Summer 1999). Despite of the isolationist politics of the band back in the past, circa 3.000 copies of this work were sold during 3 years and some more copies were merely pirated.

Both prior to the debut demo and later on as well, the band had to undergo through the numerous and costant legal problems due to the accusations of batteries, arsons, racial and religious hatred propaganda. A few unsuccesfull attempts to record the 2nd material were taken in 1999 and 2000, but due to the permanent complications these efforts resulted only to a few rehearsal tapes, which were never spread. During the whole history of the band, both before and after "Sorcery..." these events were followed by the constant line-up changes, so the most of the first line-up members were out from the band and merely left the scene.

Winter 2000 \ 2001, after 3 years of forced musical inactivity and isolation TEMNOZOR' finally returns with fire, hatred and death. The bands line-up was partly reinforced by the soldiers from other well-known BM hordes and during the Autumn 2001 and Winter 2001/2002 two brand new attacks were prepared. The first of them, a minion 35-minutes long album, called "Fragments" represents the weirder side of TEMNOZOR' creativity and is marked with the presence of the very strange, ambiental, haunting spiritual presence, not usual for the style of the normal musical creations of the band. The fullength album named "Horizons...", on the other hand, is much relative to the folk-metal parts of the debut work "Sorcery...", with it's Folkloristic Pagan Metal Hymns of Pride, Power and Aggression. It basically combines all the elements TEMNOZOR' is actually famous for - Mighty Scaldic Clean Singing, Offensive Roar of the Heathenistic Propaganda, Powerful Guitar Riffing Attacks and Ancient Slawonic Folk melodies, performed on the authentical instruments.

Year 2002, after the multiply delays, TEMNOZOR' finally releases two CD's. "Sorcery of Fragments" is a 70+ minutes long disc, which includes both whole of "Sorcery is Strengthening the Black Glory of Rus'" debut demo-album and "Fragments" mLP - all in one. This CD is to be out mid-December, at last, through our long-time comrades HakenKreuz Productions (Vinland). The long-awaited fullength opus "Horizons..." representing TEMNOZOR' in all it's glory is sheduled for the release two weeks later, late December 2002 through Ascent Prod. (ex-Drakkar Vinland Prod) (Canada).

The same time TEMNOZOR' are currently completing yet another, the newest album and November 2002, the promo-rehearsal for this material was recorded. Band plans to fully finish this new work in the studio by Spring 2003, as yet another fist in the face of ZOG.

(taken from "Horizons..." album)

Fatherland - Tragedies
Tragedies written in snow
Fatherland - Poetry
Poetry written in blood

Fatherland - Lonely Nights
Of coldness, of autumn, of rain
Fatherland - Razor blades
Of winter, of smoke and the pain

Fatherland - Ghosts of White
I'd swear they could kill
Fatherland - Murderer
I know you will be

Fatherland - Celtic Cross
When all colours are dead
Fatherland - Mysteries
Where the horizons end...


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