RAVEN DARK is one-man project of Ulv Gegner Irminsson, with the session drummers and Kaldrad of BRANIKALD as a session vocalist on some albums. The music is raw, sometimes melodic with a few clean vocal parts and a plenty of ambiental compositions on half-acoustic guitars.

Ulv Gegner speaks on his creations: "Music, like a Borderless Ocean, like a Thread which connects the Worlds, like a Sacrifice to the Father of Battles - this is the moral of these deadly sounds, born in the very Soul. The in-depth understanding of it is long lost and forgotten by many. Now it is so often more like a pity parody of what once was, now it is but a pathetic entertainment for the masses...

Yet Our true Music, like a magical ornament embracing the Cosmos, it gives birth to the new stellar movements, to the new blazes of the stars, to the new furious storms. It fills the whole Universe with itself, and you just need to hear it through your Senses and through your Understanding.

Music is the channel to the world of the Ancients through the Purity of Openings of the Spiritual Spheres. Only the sounds of Fiery Movement exist eternally, and the Craving Spirit of the Quest is ravished by their Dance. Ornaments woven by these sounds reflect the Howlings of the Winds of Tragedy, the Wails of Oceanic Storms, Mysterious Atmosphere of the Forest, Endless Fields of Battles - they are as natural as everything firstborn and primeval, which surround us. They grant you with Birth and Death, with Power and Fear, with Knowledge and Blindness. When with my Weltanschauung I look deeper into the Abyss of the Worlds, I feel the stratagem of these sounds here, around and everywhere..."

Since 1995 up to the date RAVEN DARK have recorded 5 albums:

  • "Autumn Roar" '95 (unavailable)
  • "Verdandi" '97
  • "Berustett Av Kriegsdronnet" '97
  • "Foretasting Death by the Very Birth" '98
  • "By the Wrath of the Opening Wide Eternity" '99
  • "Katharsis" '00.
    With the "Katharsis" album, which was like an in-depth overlook of the years past - the border of the Truth's understanding, RAVEN DARK, by the process of purification, alchemically transformed into WOTANSJOLV (Wotan's Silver). WOTANSJOLV is now recording "The Dreams of Baldr" album. The last posthumous RAVEN DARK release is compiled now, it is called "In the Last Ray / Ruler's Age" and contains a pair original selected songs from never released demo '94 "Autumn Roar" along with a few songs from the unfinished WOTANSJOLV "The Dreams of Baldr" session.