BRANIKALD is the one-man project of Kaldrad, who is supported by session drummers on some albums. It performs Aryan Black Metal in it's truest primeval form, sometimes with clean vocals, on some albums one could witness unique entrancing atmospheric guitar \ ambiental compositions, which is a kind of "trademark" of BRANIKALD. Back in 1996 Kaldrad wrote on his BM creations: "Music of War couldn't be divided unto the various spheres of influence, cults of these and cults of that, it couldn't be separated unto all these different faiths and the myriad of the invented names spread around. This feeling is being born when the Aryan Flame is burning in the heart of the one, the flame which eclipses the sun and devastates everything standing on it's path. It couldn't even be called "music" in the usual understanding of this term, because the essence is changed and the very substance of it could be the one only with the hurricanes, with the whirlwinds and with the sounds of the frosty howling nights. Only those could fully understand it, those who enter the battle without doubts, without looking back. Others will seek the beauty of harmonies in it, but as they will hear it, they will be frightened and they will start to bark like the cowardly dogs.

As unharmonical as the blizzards are, winds and the storms, as the winter forests and fields are frosty and raw - so is our Music of War, afire in each sound of it. This is the music of those who bear the Power, it brings darkness, eternal winters and the devastation of the War Between the Races..."

Since 1994 up to the date, BRANIKALD has already recorded 13 (!) full-length demo\albums (all quite varying in music from each other):

  • "Stormheit" '94
  • "To Kampf" '95
  • "Varg Fjerne A Tornet" '96
  • "Rdyandalir" '96
  • "Kveldulv" '97
  • "Av VinterKald" '97
  • "The Mead of the Misanthropy" '98
  • "LifeBetrayal to the LifeDenial" '98
  • "FrostVision" '99
  • "The Strings of Inspiration Sing" '00
  • "Rising up the Thing of the Winds" '00
  • "Ravished by the Battle of Things" '00
    (* "Thing" here in the meaning of Warriors gathering in ancient Scandinavia) and the latest 13th album called "The Triumph of The Will" '01, which has some elements special for BRANIKALD, like clean Russian folkish singing in the last song and some heavy R.A.C.-inspired riffings blended with the usual BM ones. Winter 2001 \ 2002 Kaldrad was sentenced for the illegal weaponry, the assault and stiring up the racial hatred, so the musical activities had to stop for a while. Later Kaldrad took part in TEMNOZOR' - the cult Russian Pagan Folk Metal project, and the new BRANIKALD attacks are now being prepared slowly, but surely.